Configure Themes

Themes in Parallels RAS is a functionality that allows you to do the following:

  • Allow access to a Theme to specified groups of users while configuring certain Theme properties that will apply to these groups. This functionality is supported by Parallels Client on all available platforms.

  • Customize the appearance of User Portal, which enables you to implement custom branding of User Portal for different groups of users. Note that this functionality is only available for RAS Web Client and Parallels Client for Windows.

To manage Themes, in the Parallels RAS Console, navigate to Farm > <Site> > Themes. The Themes view in the right pane displays the available Themes. The list contains at least one default Theme. This Theme cannot be removed but you can customize it as needed. In addition to the default Theme, you can create your own Themes.

To create a new or modify an existing Theme:

  • Click Tasks > New Theme (or click the [+] icon) to create a new Theme.

  • Double-click an existing Theme (or right-click it and choose Properties).

The Theme Properties dialog opens. Use the dialog to create a new or modify an existing Theme. The instructions in the subsequent sections apply to both scenarios.

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